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Paper Carrier vs Ticked Off Dude June 30, 2009

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ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 30 07.53A funny thing happened on way home from work:

I had a new start on my paper route, it ended up being on an unmarked, and private road. Well, I delivered the paper during my route, then after my route, once I was certain thatĀ  was where it belongedĀ  I went back to put a green dot on the mailbox. I slapped the dot on the mailbox then continued up Spring Run and accidentally took a wrong turn into a guy’s driveway, instead of going right, which would have kept me on Spring Run, I went left. Once I realized that I was no longer on the road I backed up to the road and continued, finally finding a turn around spot in his west drive. I turned around and left.

Half way to the main road this red fancy car comes screaming around the convultedĀ  Spring run and gets right on my tail. I glance up at him and contiue on my way, thinking “he must be late or something” Much to my surprise he stays on my tail, keeping pace with me as I turn on the main road. When I turned on the south bound SR11 ramp he was right there so I suspected he was following me.

A minute later, as I matched speed with traffic, I knew he was, for he was still right there like a lost little puppy dog. This made me contrary; I love a good challenge. I looked all around at the traffic, a plan forming on the spot on what I would do about this persistent guy who was determined to follow me. There was two dump trucks far up the road with a pickup truck passing them. I put my foot down and drifted past 65 until I was pushing 75 so I could catch up to them. By the time I did, the pickup truck was ahead of the dump trucks, who had closed their gap to where it was unsafe to get between them. Checking my mirror to see Mr Puppy dog was still on my tail, I flick my signal on and start to pass them. The 11/82 interchange was in the distance so I slowed down very slightly so I wouldnt pass the two trucks too fast. The second I pass them I note the exit coming up fast and stay in the passing lane, still going about 73 mph.

The next thing the guy behind me knew, I shoot into the exit without looking (since I could see the dump trucks in my passenger mirror and knew that no one was there) so not to give him any warning whatsoever, tap my brakes to make sure I get in safely and fly onto the 82 ramp. I glance back to see him hitting his steering wheel in anger because I out foxed him and laughed.

Moral of the story is: Don’t follow a paper carrier; you never know what they did before becoming one, nor how skilled they really are behind the wheel.


Eh, I made a blog June 29, 2009

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I might keep it up, might not, this was for showing up in blogs and such for when I cannot use my normal means.

Who knows, I might just make it a diary of sorts